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Accessibility statement

The accessibility statement herein has been composed for the State authentication service.

The State authentication service complies with accessibility requirements established under §32 of the Public Information Act and adheres to requirements set forth by WCAG 2.1 AA standard, except for the following criteria:

Keyboard navigation and data entry

Navigation and data entry in the State authentication service can be done with a keyboard.

Navigation is done using the tab key. Each push of the tab key moves the focus to the next element. The enter key can be used to activate focused elements.

The first two links to become focused while navigating with the tabulator are “Skip to main content” and “Accessibility”.

Selecting “Skip to main content” will skip the accessibility statement link, language selection, service notifications and jump to the main authentication method selection. The “Accessibility” link refers to the present page.

Data fields can be filled using autocomplete and drop-down menus can be navigated with arrow keys.

Content zooming

Web browser

We recommend using the built-in zooming features of web browsers.

All popular browsers allow zooming in and out by pressing the + or - keys while holding down the Ctrl key (Cmd key for macOS operating systems). Another easy method is to use a mouse’s scroll wheel while holding down the Ctrl key. The page can be reinstated to normal size by pressing 0 while holding down the Ctrl key.

Depending on the browser window dimensions, zooming in over a certain level will automatically change the web page to mobile view.

Browser extensions

Browser extensions that enhance the built-in functionalities of browsers can be used for zooming.

For example, Firefox has Zoom Page WE extension, which allows zooming either the whole page or only text. Similarly, Zoom for Google Chrome can be used with Chrome browser.

Standalone programs

All popular operating systems include programs for zooming.

In Windows, to open the Magnifier application, press the plus key while holding down the Windows logo key. The same key combination can be used to zoom in. To zoom out, press the minus key instead.

For computers running on macOS, you can find the Zoom application by following: Apple menu > System preferences > Accessibility (or Universal Access) > Zoom.

Using a screen reader

A screen reader is a program that tries to interpret visuals displayed on the computer screen and transform them into sounds and audio commentary. Screen readers are primarily for blind or visually impaired users.

The State authentication service has been created according to standards that allow screen readers to access its content and reproduce it audibly. Elements present on the web page have been structured to take into account screen readers’ movement and provide information in a logical order.

Some popular screen readers:

Contact information for feedback

The State authentication service is managed by the Information System Authority (RIA). If you wish to give feedback regarding accessibility or if something has remained inaccessible for you, then please contact us using the contact details provided below.

Accessibility compliance supervision

Accessibility compliance supervision of public services is conducted by the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (TTJA).

Accessibility statement information

This accessibility statement has been created through self-assessment on 12/15/2023.

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